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Data Snacks: Two years of voter changes

The Arizona Secretary of State’s office publishes the official Voter Registration totals quarterly plus a tally for each major election. The Maricopa County Recorder publishes the totals every 5 minutes. Like an eclipse, they coincide on a predictable schedule. We can now compare Qtr1 2022 to Qtr1 2024.

Arizona SOS has become more consistent and purposeful at cleaning voter files in advance of the January 2025 implementation of the AEVL law. The result is 5.4% fewer voters over two years. The number for Democrats is 10.6% fewer.

These voters aren’t necessarily missing, disappearing or sitting around as the term “inactive” implies. Like an old-fashioned address book, the voter file may include people who have moved or died. People you just haven’t kept up with. Now you are.

Every county now has fewer Democrats. Both Yavapai County and Pinal gained an alarming number of Republicans.

Across the state, six of thirty legislative districts grew. In Maricopa County that includes LD15 around Williams Gateway airport, LD 23 near Phoenix Goodyear airport and LD25 around Buckeye.

LD3 total voter registration population is 4.1% lower compared with 5.4% lower statewide.

16 of our 51 larger precincts have 10% fewer registered Democrats, but only 5 of them did not have a corresponding shift in Republicans. New River, DC Ranch, Desert Hills, Carefree and Bronco. Lane, Cave Creek, Silver Spur and Deadman Wash also had significant shifts favoring Republicans. Rio Verde gets special mention for a small reduction in Democrats and a whopping increase of 10% to the Republican column. These 10 precincts each had shifts to the R column of 9% or better.

Now for some amazingly good news. Out of 906 precincts in Maricopa County only ONE in the north valley is both adding voters and adding registered Democrats faster than registered Republicans. Congratulations to:

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