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Data Snacks: LD3 Municipal Governments

Updated: May 6, 2023

Towns typically elect their Mayor and Council members in August Primary Elections. The state moved Primaries to August a few years ago, making these elections far more dependent on permanent residents. All three of our towns need to stay on top of helping voters understand a) their ballots won’t be forwarded and b) there is a simple process to sign up for a temporary mailing address if they will be out of town.

Sixty-two percent of us live in our two Charter Cities: Phoenix (18%) and Scottsdale (44%). Charter Cities have more autonomy over municipal decisions than a “general law” City. The distinction is important! So important, in fact, Republicans in the State Legislature have a proposal, SCR 1023, to take away the Charter designation. It’s dead for now but may come back with more onerous restrictions.

Learn about Charter Cities:

Read about SCR 1023:

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