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Data Snacks: Movin' On... Or In

Your new neighbors are not more Democratic, but they may be more democratic (small d). Much depends on where you live.

Here is an interesting truth. Across Maricopa County new voters are registering as Democrats at a rate much lower than the existing percentage of Dem voters. Incoming GOP voters are also a lower percentage than existing voters – but the difference is not as big as it is for Democrats.

Voters moving to our county’s Legislative Districts from other parts of the state are a bit MORE Democratic.

It should be no surprise that 41% of voters moving into the County from around the state are registered as unaffiliated rather than Democrat or Republican. What is shocking is 55% of new voters are not associated with a qualified party.

We know that many young voters chose no party registration. It appears that some older voters are doing that too.

Where we see a dramatic impact is in our blue districts where new voters are registering without a party at a rate as high as 62%.

41% = moved voters are unaffiliated, county average

55% = new voters are unaffiliated, county average (2 Districts have higher that 60%)

The effect on LD3 isn’t as great, but we have pockets where this change in percentage of new unaffiliated voters is at or near 60%. Hastings, Coyote Basin and Dynamite.

Fun Fact: Are they Unaffiliated, Independent, Others or PND?

“Independent” is a state of opinion, not a political party

Unaffiliated and PND mean the same thing = Party Not Designated

“Other” is a term used by the Secretary of State, the County Recorder and some data organizations. It is a catch-all for unaffiliated voters and non-qualified parties. If you sign your Voter Registration as a member of the Constitutional Javalina Party, you get pooled as “Other”.

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