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Data Snacks: Power to the People

Our state constitution clearly provides the voters with the specific right to enact or reject acts of the legislature through initiatives.

Ohio, assisted by activists across the country, just showed us how that works. In Ohio, about 700,000 signatures were submitted by Ohioans United for Reproductive Rights to get an abortion rights constitutional amendment on the ballot for this year. 413,446 valid signatures were required.

In Arizona, a coalition of groups has filed a similar initiative process here for 2024. The Arizona Abortion Access Act is also a proposed constitutional amendment. The number of signatures required and the manner by which they are collected is a very high bar. Valid, notarized signatures are required from 15% of the electorate. That’s 383,923 signatures. To match the outstanding work in Ohio, Arizona would collect just over 650,000 signatures.

LD3 is the largest District in the state by voter population. If all things were equal, where every LD had the same distribution of supporters, our share of 650,000 petition signatures would be 27,500.

Printed petitions won’t be available for a few weeks. Our LD is planning for a rollout of petitions and circulator training for this project. We’re looking forward to working with all of our PCs and volunteers. Stay tuned!

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