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Data Snacks: Schools and a non-planet

If you’ve become numb to the issue of underfunded schools –--- listen up!

In 2023 the average cost of living in Arizona was estimated to be $44,875 (according to SoFi). That number sounds awfully low to those of us living in the North Valley. Purdue University determined a salary of $108,360 is needed here to live comfortably.

The teachers in the five School Districts within LD3 have average salaries of:

$46,221 Cave Creek (lowest in Maricopa County and lower than the base pay in Mississippi)

$61,937 Deer Valley

$58,011 Fountain Hills

$55,713 Paradise Valley

$67,809 Scottsdale

For good measure, the Technical Schools have average salaries of:

$63,720 EVIT

$75,792 West-MEC

In September 2023 the Arizona School Personnel Administrators Association estimated 6,000 teaching positions statewide that were staffed by unqualified teachers or not staffed at all. DUH.

Do better-paid teachers result in better education for kids? You bet.

Meanwhile, Tom Horne, Arizona Superintendent of Schools has decided to withhold 20% of funds from low-income schools. …..and Justin Wilmeth (R – LD2) is focused on making Pluto, which is no longer a planet, the state planet.

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