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Data Snacks: Signatures

The number of signatures required to get on the ballot is defined in statute. The law counts only “qualified signers”. What is that?

A “qualified signer” is a person “who at the time of signing is a registered voter in the electoral district of the office the candidate is seeking” and is registered as a member of the candidate’s party, a party not entitled to continued representation on the ballot, or an independent. A.R.S. § 16-321(B),(F).

In other words, registered voters from your party plus Independents.

Different jurisdiction levels (State vs. County for example) have differing requirements. Yes, you need A LOT of signatures if you want to run for a partisan office in Arizona as an Independent (No Party Declared.)

Here are the numbers for both partisan and non-partisan offices in LD3.

Click the image for a closer look.

Then log onto E-Qual and sign petitions for our Democratic candidates!

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