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Data Snacks: Technical Public Schools, EVIT and West-MEC

Have you ever noticed your property tax statement has a section called “Special Tax District”? You will probably see an annual tax for your school district and a second one for either EVIT or West-MEC, depending on what school district you are in. Parts of LD3 have no school district, by the way.

About 30% of my school taxes go to a technical public school district:

EVIT and West-MEC are Maricopa County’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) public schools. Taxpayers within each local Unified or Union school district have voted to join one of these two public school districts. For example, Cave Creek Unified SD voters approved joining EVIT as recently as 2018. Member school districts today are:

Both West-MEC and EVIT are open to students from charter school districts and those home schooled.

The technical school districts are governed by districted board members. We vote for these board members just as we do for local school boards. The positions are for four years and alternate every two years. In 2024, EVIT districts 2, 4, 6, and 8 and West-MEC 3, 4, 5, and 6 will be on the ballot. As public school districts these are non-partisan contests.

Are you curious about the amazing work these schools do for our communities? Check them out or attend a board meeting, or…. Run for a Board position!

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