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Data Snacks: Unincorporated LD3

Updated: May 6, 2023

Last week we introduced our charter cites of Phoenix and Scottsdale, plus our 3 Towns of Fountain Hills, Carefree and Cave Creek. The rest of LD3 is unincorporated – 23% of the voters, but only 18% of Democrats.

Our unincorporated areas include three different types: Exurbs, County Islands and Rural. They have different issues and vote a bit differently.

Exurbs are Anthem and Rio Verde. Exurbs are 10% of LD3. That is equal to the entire town of Fountain Hills. Exurbs are typically planned communities that vote like a town. Six percent of our LD is rural. Those are our most conservative voters. Rio Verde is both an exurb (the three country clubs) and rural (Rio Verde foothills). Or the part that has a water district and the part that doesn’t. The rural part of Rio Verde is 3 points more conservative than the exurb portion.

Lastly, 2% are county islands. All of those are in north Phoenix. The number of voters is more than Carefree, but less than Cave Creek. County Islands are 2.5% more conservative than their surrounding precinct.

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