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Data Snacks: What we owe our Blue Legislative Districts

There are 19 Districts which are wholly or primarily in Maricopa County. A 20th district, LD23, is about one-third in the county but reports to Yuma.

The State Legislators who serve to protect and promote Democratic values are primarily from these Blue Districts. They don’t just represent the neighborhoods where they live.  They represent us.


Getting elected in an overwhelmingly Democratic district may seem like a piece of cake to those of us “in the red”.  They deal with lower turnout, apathy, and busy lives.  Many voters are working class or middle class, but not necessarily.  They also have far less money to do the job.  One doesn’t even have a bank account.


“Votes left behind” in Blue Districts lag about 20% below Red Districts.  This amounted to almost 100,000 Democratic votes in 2022.  Imagine what that means to Kris Mayes, our BOS candidates, or the very slim 11,000-vote win by Joe Biden.


One trend making it ever more difficult to get out Democratic votes in Blue Districts is the outsized number of new voters opting for no party affiliation—about 64%.  It’s shocking. In conservative LD3 that number is 48%. 


Countywide, Independents, those with no party, are 35% of the registered voters.


When the Legislature is back in session, think about these legislators and those whose hard work elected them.

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